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SoCo Ghouls and Goblins will offer Men's Open/E on Saturday October 21st and CoED on Sunday October 22nd. Cost for this event will be $250 with a 3GG in Open & Double Elimination in E, 55 Minute Game Times. 1 Man-Umpires. You will receive ZERO Balls with entry. They will be $5 a piece or $50 per dozen at event. Must be WSL stamped Worth Gold Dots or ASA 44/375. Women's balls will be provided for CoED.

Standard 20/16/12 after 3,4,5

CANDY DRIVE! This event goes to a great cause for the Deerfield Hills Trunk or Treat held each year. It provides a place for children to safely go and have Halloween fun. Their Event has come to rely on softball programs to make it work. This year for SoCo it will work like this.

40 Bags of Candy gets your team 10 HR for every Game
30 Bags of Candy gets your team 7 HR for every game
20 Bags of Candy gets your team 4 HR for every game
10 Bags of Candy gets your team 1 HR for every game
0 Bags = 0 HR.

Additional Donations are greatly appreciated!!!!!!

The idea here as you can see is to bring Candy. This is a fun event and one everyone seems to enjoy.

COSTUMES ARE ENCOURAGED!!!! Prizes for best costumes this weekend.

To Enter, please contact Ken @ 719-229-6720 or Entry deadline is Wednesday October 18th @ 5 PM.

I will be in Florida from October 11th-15th and back that Sunday. I will update the board with entries as soon as I am able too if you don't see your team entered right away.



Don't forget to bring your bags of candy for the candy drive! Candy must be INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED.

40 Bags of Candy = 10 HR
30 Bags of Candy = 7 HR
20 Bags of Candy = 4 HR
10 Bags of Candy = 1 HR
0 Bags = 0 HR.

Ghouls and Goblin Updates

- Costumes are encouraged. Prizes for best costumes will be handed out.

- In the event we combine Men's Open and E, we will go to a 3GG and Top Open and E team will be prized out.


1. Chaos
2. Wingstop
4. Throbbing Sidepipe
5. M.E.S.T.
6. Wrecking Krew
--------------------(Max of 8 Teams)

HR over the Limit will be INNING ENDERS
3 Game Guarantee
55 Minutes


1. Swamp Donkey's/Curtis Electric
2. Prestige CO
3. Diamond Studs
4. KI/Farmer's Insurance
5. All Mixed Up
6. Mountaineers
7. Legion
8. CO Mayhem
9. Peligrosos
10. Wiseguys
11. Oldballs
12. 21 Gunz
13. B.O.S.
14. Disposable Heroes
15. Team Sticks
------------------------ (Max of 16 Teams)

HR over the Limit will be INNING ENDERS
Double Elimination
55 Minutes


1. Bad Intentions (D)
2. The New Guys (E)
3. All My Pitches (E)
4. Brew Crew (E)
5. Remax/Peak Performance (D)
6. What If's (E)
7. Peligrosos CoED (E)
8. No Control (E)

HR over the Limit will be INNING ENDERS
3 Game Guarantee
55 Minutes