MAY 27 - 29TH

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We would like to welcome you all to Skyview Sports Complex on Memorial Weekend 2017 in Colorado Springs! For the price of $375, you will essentially be getting to play 2 tournaments for a 4GG. Also known as a Double/Double, all teams will receive 3 balls with entry and we will have them for sale at $25 per half dozen or $5 a piece. WSL Worth Gold Dots will be allowed in play or any 44/375 clearly marked Softball. Here is how it's going to work:

On Saturday, we will do a Double Elim C/D Bracket with all teams. To balance the field, Homeruns will be 4 HR & Inning Ender for Saturday. Run Spotting will be C Team playing an E team, C teams will spot 4 runs those games, (2 per inning for first 2 innings) and Coin Flip. NO OTHER RUN SPOTTING WILL TAKE PLACE.

On Sunday, everyone will come back and we will split the divisions into Upper & E. The C/D Division will be 6 HR then Outs. E Division will be 2 HR & Inning Ender. These brackets will also be Double Elimination.

On Monday we will bring in Coed to play and we will be offering 2 HR per M/F. COED will get a 3GG for $300. Women's Balls will be Provided, Men's Balls will be for sale at $5 a piece. You will receive 2 with Entry

All Games will be 55 minutes long depending on total volume. 1-Man Umpires till the Semi Finals. This event is probably going to sell out so do not wait to enter. Lots of ball to be played in 3 days time, don't miss this one.

The Memorial Day For the Fallen event will be Saturday, Sunday & Monday, May 27-29 at Sky View Sports Complex. The entry deadline will be Tuesday, May 23rd for Men's @ 5PM & Wednesday, May 24th @ 5PM for CoED

Contact Ken at 719-229-6720 or to register for Men's. Call Dave Kagarise @ 719-237-0285 or to register for COED

Please make Checks to 'All-Tourney Sports'.
Credit Card Payments Accepted ($10 surcharge)
PayPal to (Friends & Family Please)

SEE BELOW for payment information for COED tournament.

2012 USSSA Stamps and 2013 ASA Stamped Bats only.

SoCo Sport sanction will be $25 additional dollars upon check in if you have not sanctioned yet.

SKYVIEW RULE REMINDERS: Dogs okay on leash. Skyview is a Beer Garden and drinking inside the gates is permitted. Parking lot drinking or open containers outside the gates are prohibited. YOU MUST BUY BEER AT SKYVIEW. COOLERS FULL OF YOUR OWN BEER INSIDE IS PROHIBITED.


All Brackets will be up on the SoCo Sport App by 6:30PM Wednesday. The Button on this page will be up after 9:00PM mtn time


1. Wingstop - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Olympus - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
3. Peterson AFB - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
4. HB/Goat Patch/Accoy - C (Colorado Springs, CO)
5. Silverstar/DnD Sports- C (Saginaw, TX)
6. Suntronics - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
7. Ragin' Rhino's - D (Grand Junction, CO)
8. Chaos - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
9. SCH/Silverton Liquor - C (Colorado Springs, CO)
10. Colorado Softball - D (Colorado Springs, CO)
11. Filthy Monsters- D (Colorado Springs, CO)
12. Old Balls - D (Colorado Springs, CO)

Prize Package For Men’s:

$800 on the table if a team can win both brackets. Over $2000 in cash and prizes this weekend JUST FOR MEN'S and an absolute ton of games to be played.

1st= $400 + (All-Tourney Awards x2)
2nd= $200
3rd= $100
Top E Team: NIW Combat Casey Rogowski 27oz (x1)

Sunday: Men's C/D
1st = $400 + (All-Tourney Awards x2)
2nd = SoCo Dri Fits (x12)

Sunday: Men's E
1st = $400 + (All-Tourney Awards x2)
2nd = $200
3rd = SoCo Dri Fits (x12)


1. Rhino's (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. KI/Farmers Insurance (Colorado Springs, CO)
3. NTX Crush (Ft. Worth, TX)
4. Colorado Mayhem (Colorado Springs, CO)
5. Colorado Attitude (Colorado Springs, CO)
6. Colorado Hitmen (Colorado Springs, CO)
7. Hotheads (Canon City, CO)
8. Pikes Peak SBC (Pueblo/Colo Sprgs, CO)
9. Peligrosos (Colorado Springs, CO)
10. Swamp Donkey (Canon City, CO)
11. Mutiny (Sapulpa, OK)
12. The Franchise (Albuquerque, NM)
13. Baby Powder (Belen, NM)
14. Red Rum (Denver, CO)
15. Fort Carson (Ft. Carson, CO)
16. Good Times (Widefield, CO)
17. Munchin' Mounds (Colorado Springs, CO)
18. All Mixed Up (Pueblo/Colo Spgs)
19. RBoyz (Westminster, CO)

Tournament Updates:

5/23/17 - 5:30PM

Men's side is closed at 31 teams. Still taking Coed until tomorrow about this time.
- 55 Minute Games (Championships 70 Minutes)
- (Saturday only) 4 run spot C vs. E
- Homeruns Saturday (4 Then Inning Ender ALL GAMES even the last 3-4 teams left. This won't be changed)
- Homeruns Sunday (2 Then Inning Ender E) (6 Then Outs in C/D)
- WSL Gold Dots or ASA 44/375 only balls allowed in play
- Please pay BEFORE your first game, I will be set up behind F4, please come over before you start on F5 & F6 to take care of registration even if you have an 8AM game.

Coaches Meeting Friday Night & Homerun Derby

The city of Colorado Springs will be utilizing all 6 fields for the first summer season of league on May 26th from 6-10PM. We don't have an available field to run this on for Friday. The potential for Saturday night exists but I will need see if I can make it work towards the end of the Saturday night bracket once a schedule is created for it. More to come.

Coaches Meeting:
We will have a Coaches meeting Friday night at Skyview upstairs in the bar in the main 4-plex. We will meet at 7:00PM since the HR Derby is no longer a option. This will be mostly for the out of state teams coming this weekend but is open to anybody obviously.

Coed Tournament Update


Monday CoED – D

1. DLH (Colorado Springs, CO)
2. Monster SBC (Colorado Springs, CO)
3. Village Idiots* (Aurora, CO)
4. Remax/Peak Performance (Colo Sprgs, CO)
5. Anarchy (Colorado Springs, CO)
6. X-Rays (Aurora, CO)
7. Designated Drinkers (Colorado Springs, CO)
8. Famous* (Denver, CO)


Monday CoED- E

1. Fort Carson CoED (Ft. Carson, CO)
2. The Enforcers (Canon City, CO)
3. Ball Breakers* (Colorado Springs, CO)
4. Pikes Peak Coed (Colorado Springs, CO)
5. The New Guys* (Widefield, CO)
6. Blazin' Turtles (Colorado Springs, CO)
7. Scared Witless* (Colorado Springs, CO)
8. Mad Batters* (Canon City, CO)


Payment for Coed Tournament

This applies *only* the Coed part of this tournament - I can accept cash or check at the tournament. I am not set up to accept PayPal yet (to be done soon). If you have any questions please contact me at (719) 237-0285.