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SoCo/WSL Roster Form

Below is the link to the SoCo/WSL Roster Form. If your team does not have an online roster in the WSL system then they must fill out this form prior to the start of each tournament. The form can be filled out, saved and sent to anthony.shockley@socosport.com or ken.reynolds@socosport.com or simply printed and brought to […]

SoCo/WSL 2016 Slow Pitch Softball Schedule

SoCo Sport Inc is excited to announce the 2016 WSL Slow Pitch Softball schedule. In 2016 SoCo will host over 20 slow pitch softball tournaments at the all-turf Sky View Sports Complex in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Tournaments will consist of five pre-season qualifiers, fourteen regular season qualifiers, two WSL/NIT’s and Colorado WSL State Championships. The […]

SoCo Sport Inc/WSL Suspensions Retracted – Effective 10 October 2015

Effective 10 October 2015 SoCo Sport Inc/WSL will retract the suspensions for Big 10/Team Wager, CTR, Raul Andino, Mike Manzanares and Jimmy Twiss that were put in place as a result of the incidents that occurred on 11 July 2015. SoCo Sport Inc/WSL reminds all players, coaches and fans that any participation in fighting at […]

SoCo Sport Inc/WSL Suspension – One Night Stand on 11 July 2015

As a result of the events that took place during the One Night Stand at Sky View Sports Complex on 11 July 2015, SoCo Sport Inc and WSL are suspending Big 10/Team Wager, CTR, Raul Andino, Mike Manzanares and Jimmy Twiss for the period of 180 days (12 Jul 15 thru 7 Jan 16) from […]